Need You Now

Grippando, James
Harper Collins


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Let's jump straight into this. The grisly murder at the beginning of Need You Now (James Grippando) gave me nightmares. It starts with a suicide and a murder, with that first scene ending with a garroting. Not that the death isn’t deserved.

Need You Now is the story of a Ponzi scheme from the angle of unwilling participants.There’s a lot of graphic violence, a lot of Ponzi-scheme and bank mechanics--more than I want to read.

I feel like it takes too long to get around to meeting the main characters. The characters are being pursued, but not in a way that made me sympathetic with the pop characters. Here is a spoiler for you--Patrick and Lilly are the young financial analysts who are the main characters. They are kidnapped, released and the targets of the FBI, psychopaths and mobsters. There is no limit of pursuit and evasion. I found the story hard to get absorbed into. It's not horribly written, just I failed to get engaged as the characters were caught in an inevitable whirlpool of deceit. Not my cup of tea.