Thompson, Karin

Novelspot talks to Karin Thompson

1. Why did you write this book?

I found that there are many people hurting from abuse that they had experienced in their childhood and could not get free from the torment of it all. This was effecting their adult life and coursing depression, anxiety and wrong decision making.

I had been through abuse in my childhood and was experiencing difficulties in my adult life to function as a normal person. The more I interacted with other people I saw that I was not normal but traumatised by my past.
With God’s help I was able to overcome my past and learnt to enjoy my life. I wrote this book to help others learn to enjoy their lives too.

2. How will this book help the reader?

I take the reader on the journey of healing with me. I wrote this book as if the person dealing with the trauma was sitting next to me and we were having a conversation. I take them through a step by step process towards their healing. With prayers and scripture to guide them on their way. At the end of each chapter I ask the reader very prominent questions to help them deal with each situation they might have been in.

Many people don’t realise that the trauma of their past effects every part of their future life. They become bitter, angry people because of the hurt that they have in their lives. They are always living on their last nerve and always ready to explode when pushed too far. The hurt that they have experienced in their lives makes them very angry. Until they learn how to let it go and move on they will continue to be miserable. God has a way for us to be free from the hurts and pains of our past and in my book I help the reader discover how to overcome this.

3. Where can more information regarding your book be found?
On my website – I have links to distributors of my book as well as my blog post that I do on a weekly basics.