Erotic and Lucid Dreaming

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Have you ever had an erotic dream? They're fun, aren't they? I read some articles about erotic dreams, and some people have had some very strange ones. One woman had sex with the bottom tip of a crescent moon. She said, "I wasn't sure it was a good idea, but I did it anyway." That seems to be the going thing with erotic dreams – you do it anyway since there is nothing to hold you back.

The most amazing thing to me about erotic dreams is the no-hands orgasm. It's literally all in my mind. I've awakened at Stupid O'Clock shaking from intense orgasms from erotic dreams I barely remember. Try thinking yourself to an orgasm when you are awake. Impossible, huh? I have heard of some women who can do just that, and I've always wanted to. Imagine it – thinking your way to a Category 5 climax.

I have recalled some erotic dreams I've had, and some were very disturbing. I've been turned on by dreams of rape fantasy. I know it can be a taboo subject but it does deserve some discussion. Rape fantasy is not the same as rape. For one thing, the person who would otherwise be the victim has complete control over the event. It's often called "capture fantasy" since the word rape only confuses what the fantasy actually is. It's about giving into sexual submission to a dominant partner or partners. It's also voluntary. If you know anything about sub/dom relationships, the sub is the one in charge. The sub decides the direction of the fantasy. In a capture fantasy, you can change the rules any time you like because you are in charge of your own fantasy. You can't be tethered against your will. The excitement comes from trusting your dom partner to take good care of you. This applies to fantasy partners as well. People who enjoy rape fantasy shouldn't be ashamed. They are not asking to be raped. They are asking to be ravished by a partner they trust sexually who respects and honors them.

I've had same sex erotic dreams, usually with women I don't recognize. It's amazing how tactile stimulations seem so real in a dream state. I can feel and sometimes even taste. I often smell perfume or food cooking. Now, if a real smell interrupts my dream it's liable to awaken me. Making love to a fantasy partner in a dream where you have no idea where things are going can be very exciting.

This brings me to lucid dreaming. I don't do it often, but when I do I always ask anyone in the dream, "Who are you?" The answers are always interesting. In one dream, when I realized I was dreaming, I asked a very scary character who was he? He responded, "I am that which loves." Pretty eye-opening. In another dream, a bee kept following me around, trying to sting me. I was terrified since I'm afraid of bee stings. I've never been stung. When I realized I was dreaming, the bee suddenly dropped in size and was no longer a threat to me. The buzzing went from sounding like a helicopter to barely being heard. Then, the bee disappeared and I woke up. If dreams have meanings, I would take it that this one meant I felt threatened by something in my life that was actually nothing to get all worked up about.

Dreams are fascinating creatures. I don't necessarily believe dreams have hidden meanings, or that they symbolize anything in particular. I'd like to have more lucid dreams. Maybe I should keep a notebook by my bedside and take notes when I wake up from an especially vivid dream. I'd also love to have more erotic dreams, especially the type that have me waking up with a no-hands orgasm. Those dreams make me giggle. And they always leave me satisfied.


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