The Physics and Astronomy of Science Fiction

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Steven D. Bloom
McFarland and Company, Inc., Publishers
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For those of us who never really got past any high school grade science, this book can be helpful in understanding how the fictional universe of science compares to the reality of the Scientific world.

Written in an engaging style, the writer Steven D. Bloom is refreshing in that he does not put down any of the shows, movies, or stories used as examples in his books. He also presents journals by scientists that speak of the various science explored in everything from Time Travel, to Warp Bubbles, to Super Human Powers and all in between. Since the book is primarily focused on Physics and Astronomy, this is not for those looking for Biological, Geographical, or Medical Science. Though he does touch on them a bit where they bisect with the above topics.

As a writer who loves Science Fiction and Science in general. I do try to ‘study’ what I can but would be the first to admit, my knowledge is behind even that of High School. Thanks to this book, maybe I have in a small way, gotten to the Eleventh grade. Maybe someday with reading writers like him, I might even graduate.

Nancy McCormick, September 4, 2018