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Lena Austin
Loose Id

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I became interested in Lena Austin when I attended a romance group chat featuring her. She seems to be a feisty and in-your-face sort of person. I liked that, so I started reading her work. She has taken me on some imaginative trips, so when I saw her newest book, Sex World 1: Assassin, I wanted to read it.

Alexandre di Marco has given up his name and identity to train as Paris Cordell to be a prime sex engineer. Constance d'Akasha has chosen him to be one of her three students to receive specialized training as an assassin. As Paris begins training, Sumner d'Oswego on the planet Airie receives notice that the sex engineer he ordered for his father's birthday will arrive in a year. Sumner is treading an uneasy path as he shows his father, Oswego, a face as viciously sadistic as his father's own while he hides his loathing for the things he must do.

Before Paris and Sumner meet, Paris has a variety of experiences as he trains, passes his final examination, and travels to Airie. There is his training home's computer, Helen; Constance d'Akasha; and Captain Jonas and Commander Kate on the spaceship. Once Paris arrives on Airie, the assignment begins. Neither Sumner nor Paris can trust the other with his true objective, and no one can trust Oswego.

From the first paragraph, Lena Austin grabs you by the hand and takes you on a journey that includes an imaginative world, a variety of sex, a life and death struggle with a suitably villainous villain, and heart in your throat suspense. I hate to say it, but despite the all-is-lost scenario near the end, I did not want the story to end. Sex World 1: Assassin earns a place of honor on my virtual bookshelf. If I could say that it changed my life in some fashion, I would have been able to award it that final half quill, meaning that it is a perfect book. Nevertheless, if male/male sex, ménage, or bondage offends you, you should avoid this book.