Mario 4: Free Fall

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George Hatcher
Casa Hatcher Press


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Book 4 in the Mario (Ambulance Chaser) is the new book in the series, titled Free Fall. This book takes you through the free-falling and wild 1970’s When Mario has hit his mid 20’s and all the post-Vietnam, post-war protest and now joyful living and European getaways. The book is very spot on with the time and very adult with the sex. If you love to travel, sex, food and descriptive detail, this is the book for you.

Mario is a bit older now, but still the boy from the Barrio. He has become a successful businessman, but after being almost killed in book 3, he decided to take a change from being an Ambulance Chaser to instead, Aviation Chaser which takes him and his team of gorgeous women around the world. Along the way, he meets Sami and Jason who grew up very differently than he did, and yet their taste for the good life matches his and he becomes friends and more with them.

Along the way, trouble as always seems to find Mario and he learns who his true friends are and who the enemy. You will find this book a great romp through the 70’s and through Europe with all the dear friends from books 1 -3 making main and cameo showings. Do not miss the latest in the series.
Nancy Louise
December 27, 2017
"No writer knows what they are doing till twenty years after the published book sits on the shelf and the child that had not yet been born, reads it, tells the tale of it, and tells the tale of it."
Nancy Louise McCormick