Gage, Ronna

Hello, my name is Ronna Gage. I am an author of Erotic Romance. The key word being romance. I've been writing for thirteen years now.

What is your most recent book?
My most recent book is Ronna Gage Vampire Chronicles Coming to America Book 2.The summary; the readers will take a 141 page journey with Lord Martin "Marty" Novak and Lord Gregory "Greg" Evigan across the seas to America. Once in America, they will find a home, work, friend, and social standing, only to have to leave it for the Civil War. The journey to Texas is underway and other little trips come their way to find a place of peace a home to call their own and a place to set roots.

Who is your favorite character and why?
My favorite character is I would say Marty Novak. He has a great inner turmoil. I based his inner turmoil on mine. He is the angry part of me after my brain surgery. He is the fighting side of me that is stubborn and refuses to stay down. At the same time, Marty is the one who knows when to sit down and refigure what is needed to do a task or chore. Nothing will hold either one of us back. I need extra time to adjust to my new limits.

What do you have to say about your genre?
Erotic Romance What can I say about it. It gave me my start. There have been a lot of changes in the genre.: Dominatrix, GLBT, Bestiality covered with the idea of fantasy, ménage, A little bit for everyone. Whatever happened to boy meets girl and girl gets boy back on her terms? Are men afraid of strong women ? I'm not knocking anyone's taste, Everyone needs love where they can find it and make them happy. That is what love is about...happiness.

Who and what are your greatest influences?
My greatest influences would be music in the background. The tune to some songs invoke the ambiance I try to build up in my book's scene at that time. Case in point, my book Bare it All, I listened to just about every Legs Diamond Song they cut and to gain the and keep that the scenes feeling of touch, sexual tension, and in some scenes.

What were your goals and intentions in this book, and how well do you
feel you achieved them?

My goals and intentions in this book was not only to get the two best friends and adopted brothers to face the Challenges America faced. It was the land of opportunity, but you had to fight for it. Since this is the second book of eight, I have plenty of time to work out issues in which the lords donot understand. Inthe meantime both of them sex their way through America.

What is the history of the series, and where do you think it will be

The history of the story is it starts in Germany in 1859, then in the Union Army during the Civil War. They are there for the beginning. The two after 2 years in the Union Army, the are relieved of their duties and they carryon to Georgia. It is not until book five Kindred Spirits we find them back in the present again. in Texas.

What are some of the other works you've written in the past?
My goal for this entire series is to at least be considered for a movie or a TV movie of the week. If I can get that on my resume, I would be thrilled.

I feel I have done the very best I can for such a goal. the first book One Bite Away has sold may copies and is still selling. Coming to America Book 2 and so on can only get better as we see how Marty and Greg get along in each challenge they will face.

What do you plan to do next?
My next series is a Rock and Roll series soon after this series is over. Angelic Fury is what happens after the music is over? What happens to the musicians the when thy have worked all their lives.

What are some of the other works you've written in the past?
Some of my earlier works include Bare it All, Mystic journey, Tell me a Lie, Afternoon Delight (Amazon's best Book of the Month)
Friends and Lovers, Three Hearts one Love, First Thanksgiving,
Paradise Mine (I buried a copy of this with my mother. Send her to me, and The Search is Over.

What upcoming events do you have planned?
Right now, the only event I have planned is the release date of Coming to America. When I find out the release date I can set it up. the book.

What advice would you give a new writer?
Somethings I'd like to say to aspiring writers. Writing can be an easy part. The interviews can be challenging if you don't really know the interviewer's style, but the reviews, can be disappointing. stick with it, take the reviews as a learning tool, use the criticism as a 'oh, I need to fix this style of writing.' Reviewers and writing classes are here to help you.


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