Burkholder, Vicky

Vicky lives in a small town in Pennsylvania not far from the hill country where her ancestors settled in 1741, and shares her home with her husband and cat and maintains storage room for her four children. She has been a journalist, a teacher, a secretary, a short-order cook, a computer specialist, a DJ, a librarian and an editor for several e-publishers. She’s an award winning newsletter editor and does book reviews for Wantzuponatime. Her first two novels, a fantasy and a futuristic, have won rave reviews from RT Magazine and her third will also be a futuristic. She has degrees in education and librarianship and has been surrounded by books since birth. She loves tales that transport her to other worlds and with fantastic creatures. But there has to be a story there as well - and always with a happily ever after ending. She writes tales to transport you to other times and unknown places.