Short Is The New Long

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IT'S ALIVE!!! Episode one of the 'Short Is The New Long' podcast, the podcast for people who read short reads and those who write them, is out there in the wilds, just waiting for you to snag it and subscribe via your favourite podcast player. Adam Joseph Stump and I (aka Greg Krojac) talk all about all things to do with microfiction, short stories novellas, and short novels, authors read from their own works, and listeners talk about their favourite short reads. We want YOU to get involved - all you have to do is record yourself reading one of your short stories or an excerpt if your novella/short novel would take longer than 30 minutes to read. Or, if you're a reader, tell us about your relationship with short reads - why do you read them, what's your favourite, what kind of short read you prefer to read etc. You can PM either Adam or myself or send an email to to find out more. People are already sending in recordings. We're on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and most other podcast players. You can listen at and at the podcast's website Listen, subscribe and get involved!