Nancy Louise

Nancy Louise is convinced deep down inside that she was really supposed to be a Space Fairy and somehow got zapped down here to earth. She got these ideas from the various stories her Parents would tell her about her escapes from the house, and going outdoors to see the night sky, and saying "dites dites!"
Nancy Louise is deaf. As to whether it was from birth or soon after has never been really established. She has an enlarged area around her cochlea which, due to several head/sound injuries, so cracked the poor thing, it shattered. As a result sounds just can't make it through to become those cute little zippy electronic chemicals for the brain to read. Today she is now part Borg (aka Star Trek style) and wears an implant and is trying to find a way to get a second one. (Insurance companies, what with that, don't want to pay for a second one!) With the implant, she is NOT hearing, but can pretty much pass as one, for a little bit. She is also fluent in ASL and loves to hang out with her Deaf pals too.
She swears she can remember the EXACT moment she KNEW she could read. Her brother was in Kindergarten (her Mom was trying to find a special school for her still). The teacher held up a Red Ball, and the word, BALL. She actually read the word and was thrilled. She decided right then and there, she had to find more of those letter things (called words). Fortunately her Parents were believers in books. But even their stash would not be enough.
Then she discovered the City Library only half a block from her Home. Her favorite Librarian was Mrs. Green, and if there was speed dial back then, she would have been on her Mom's speed dial as in "Is Nancy there in the Library again???" Naturally she always won summer reading programs. And when asked about various books to see if she really did read them, yep, she can recall every story. She also made her first book when she was four or five with Mommy's help. It was a picture book, but a book none the less.
She went to College (something her Parents were told would not be possible and that she might need help to raise children as well). She has a BFA in Fine Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology, is earning an AAS in Library Information Technology, and is always learning and going to school somewhere...
Her loving and long suffering (which he denies) husband has been at his wife's side for 15 plus years. She is a SAHM. They have two boys, currently homeschooled because they are too bright for current public schools (no flame please). Also, in part because of multiple heath issues, she is unable to hold down a full time job. Part time does not pay enough or offer the medical insurance she needs to stay well. As a result she has finally decided to go for the real dream and earn money as an Author Artist. The boys are High School age. And yes, they are convinced she not only was supposed to be a Space Fairy, but a Cat too.