Nage Archer

Nage Archer, [otherwise known as Master Nage whose work may be found at his website is the Nage Page or Nage Archer Gateway ] could be considered the Novelspot Dungeon Master. Nage Archer is a real life dominant, practicing D/s (Dominance/submission) since 1992. He moved to Hobart Tasmania in 2003 to be with his slave dana, whom he subsequently married. Master Nage writes full time. When he's not writing he's a movie buff, a fantasy fan, an origami enthusiast, an amateur entomologist and a pretty nice guy (though not necessarily all at the same time). Master Nage is the author of Scorch, Slave Heart, Wheel of Fate and Planet Ds, his most ambitious project to date He has one regular column, Master-D-Bates in The Dominant's View Ezine The much mourned Ask Master Nage: An Irreverent Advice Column is no more, since it was published in Xodtica Ezine which also is no more. He also authors the long-running Sahara Ice column, now housed at Fallen Angel Reviews.