About Us

Novelspot, comprised of creators and consumers of all genres, is a collaborative of readers, writers, editors, publishers and others in the book industry. We are dedicated to providing a networking venue to meet the varied needs of those in the writer's marketplace.

Our members come to us to read honest literate reviews, access the Novelspot website for articles, news, entertainment and good company, subscribe to the Novelspotters Author's chat list to meet their favorite authors, and join our webring to network through home pages, seek their favorite authors in our author web directory, join the best Writing Associations. Our highly opinionated staff—mostly authors— comes to us to read, to review, to edit, to network, and to present their opinions in as literate a way as possible--when they can fit in the reviews with their own publishing schedule. Wouldn't you like to be a 'spotter too?

Novelspot accepts digital galleys/ARCs for review. One method of receiving e-galleys is through NETGALLEY where we are a listed as a Review Organization Accepting NetGalley Titles. Please note that not all books are accepted for review. We are always on the lookout for a few good reviewers.