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Rebecca and Victoria
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Joe Hill, Stephen King, Douglas Clegg, Guy Gavriel Kay, Sherry Thomas. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
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We always loved to write stories to each other when were younger in old exercise books! This stopped when reality caught up to us and we had to concentrate on education, marriage and careers! Victoria was watching "The F Word" with Gordon Ramsay one night and, believe it or not, this is what prompted her to contact her sister and to urge her to work with her on creating their first novel. "It was the passion for his work that Gordon exhibits that inspired me" she says. "What am I truly passionate about? What is my dream? What God-given gift do I possess that I am neglecting? These are the questions that drove me to go for it." Rebecca says "I have always loved to write. My favourite time at school was when we were asked to write a story. The irony is, I failed to get the expected "A" in my English Lit A-Level as I ran out of time because I was too busy writing long, wordy answers! My deepest most fervent wish has always been to publish a book, not for the money but just to be able to give that escapism and enjoyment to people and to leave a legacy for my children.
We are twin sisters and we live in Bolton, a multi-faceted and friendly town in Lancashire, UK. We can’t say if we are identical or fraternal twins as no-one, least of all our parents, seems able to agree on this! It doesn’t matter to us. What matters is our mutual love of the written word and our symbiotic relationship, which has facilitated the inception and creation of our first novels. We are now in the middle of our next endeavour, a fantasy trilogy, and have already received interest from a literary agent.