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Allie writes short stories, historical fiction, non-fiction, book reviews, blogs and articles and ghostwrites for other people. She has reviewed fiction in numerous venues including, My Shelf, Enchanted In Romance, Romantic Interludes, Novelspot, and others. She edited for several publishers before setting out her own shingle, Grammarstore. Adventures in freelancing have taken her from subcontracting 150 stories for River Deep, to ghostwriting "how to" books, articles on high fashion, dogs, publishing, mold, ecology, boxing, aviation and other diverse topics. Her clients have included Erin Brockovich, Masry and Vititoe, Brad Glass, among too many others to mention. She is a member of Dark-Romance Novels group and a co-founder of Novelspot. She is a licensed English teacher with a BA in Creative Writing and a MAT in Secondary English and certified by her grandchildren as an old lady in tennis shoes. That picture you're looking at is vintage.