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Gay/Lesbian Erotica books focusing on the same sex couples. A story with a lesbian scene or a male/male scene that is not the main focus of the book would not fall into this category. In fact, Gay/Lesbian books seldom have ANY hetero scenes at all. All Gay/Lesbian stories are not necessarily Erotica.

Tales of the Midnight Pearl Brotherhood: Camaraderie

After reading Adrianna Dane's first book in the Tales of the Midnight Pearl Brotherhood series, I wanted to read the rest so I picked up a copy of Camaraderie.

I was very taken with the idea of a male only island where the men live to serve one another in every capacity and where society was clearly outlined with roles drawn in black and white.

Untamed Heart

Can murder actually lead to love?

Leon Fisher wants revenge on the man who butchered his lover, but when the deed is done, he realizes that revenge didn’t heal his broken heart or make the nightmares go away. The only way to deaden the pain he still feels is to lose himself inside a bottle and immediately he begins a downward slide that turns him into a shell of his former self.

‘The Organization’, Leon’s employer, intervenes by sending him to Alaska to dry out and face his demons. Leon isn’t happy about the order to go to Alaska, but the alternative isn’t something he wants to entertain. Once there, Leon discovers that the fresh air and solitude actually does help to clear his mind. He’s just starting to believe everything will be all right when he nearly loses his life in a bear attack. Saved by Grim, a mysterious young man who is a bit too subservient, Leon quickly embarks on a new journey of love and loss that may have both he and Grim paying the ultimate price.

As this story opens I find myself hurting right along with Leon. Ms. Blue does a fantastic job of conveying his agony to the reader. However, as the story progresses and the pasts of these two men are revealed, I found myself having some moral issues with this work. Now I know that sounds strange considering I chose to read a story involving two gay men. However, everyone’s moral compass is different.

The Dragon’s Disciple

I stumbled upon The Dragon’s Disciple by Barbara Sheridan and Anne Cain quite by accident, literally. I had chanced upon an intriguing, even tantalizing excerpt of it, and based on that excerpt, had requested the book to read. Only after receiving The Dragon’s Disciple did I realize it was of the erotica genre, gay erotica. I do not generally read such.

Still, having requested the book, I felt it only fair that I should attempt to read the tale. I am more than glad I did. Anne Cain and Barbara Sheridan turned out a pleasant surprise indeed! Perhaps, the word “pleasant “isn’t the best description, because The Dragon’s Disciple is a dark novel. Such adjectives as “engrossing,” “intriguing,” and “superb,” might better describe the book. I will stand by the descriptive word “surprise,” though, because the authors, Barbara Sheridan and Anne Cain, did surprise me, and in a very good way.

Beneath A Yankee Sky

Over a hundred years have passed since the American Civil War and yet new facts are still coming to light. There are stories of female spies and women serving as male soldiers, men of color owning slaves and soldiers from both sides singing together on Christmas Eve. Perhaps, there are even more untold tales lying hidden in the killing fields, tales so strange that no one has been willing to tell them until now. J.M. Snyder reveals one such tale, not only a forbidden love story, but also one on the hairy side.

A Year and a Day

Bi Sexual: Tales from the Wild Side

Prudes beware: Bi Sexual: Tales from the Wild Side was no light read for those with squeamish tendencies.
In a daring and rather refreshingly bold take on sex from the bisexual and homosexual perspectives, Michelle Houston made everything about lovemaking truly explicit. Gone are the euphemisms that would have left some aspects of the orgasm to the imagination-gone are the boundaries that usually would have limited the publication of such steamy material.

The Syndicate: Volume 3

I investigated the first of The Syndicate books because the cover featured a tortured-looking man. I found a wickedly funny story, and have enjoyed both The Syndicate: Volume 1 and The Syndicate: Volume 2. I am delighted that the team of Jones and Woolgrave can sustain the sardonic humor of the first two books as they bring us The Syndicate: Volume 3.
The book features explicit male/male scenes.

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