Matthews, Thomas K

Besides being a published author, I am an award-winning designer and celebrated illustrator. I have written twelve novels and teach writing workshops, speak at high schools and local colleges, as well as lecture on alternative publishing. The son of a retired American Literature professor, I have been immersed in the written word since birth. My novel, “Rejection” has been called the 'ultimate writer's revenge novel.' New York Times best-selling author Christopher Reich said, “Smart, snappy, hard-edged and fast-paced. Had me guessing to the end. A truly enjoyable ride!” Now I offer "Secret of Little Bear Creek." This literary mystery novel was inspired by my father's actual past, a time he never talked about. But on his deathbed, he shared it all. Little Bear is that story, rewritten in my own words. So welcome to my world. Sit down, strap in, and hold on. It’s a roller coaster ride and a thrill of a story. Please keep your hands inside the ride at all times and when we come back into the station, hold on – because we are going around again.