Gabriel Born

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Muriel Stockdale
Balboa Press

978-1-5043-7061-5 (sc)

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A desperate woman being thrown out of a medical center. Where she has dedicating her life that the science the center depends on. She is also betrayed by the man she thought she would marry.

Word of her work got out to the press. The Public is in an uproar and after her, saying she is unethical. The inspiration for the story is straight from much of the work done today on growing cells and simple limbs such as ear lobs, tissues and in time, hopefully, organ transplants. The goal is to make those that can be compatible with humans to aide people in healing and reduce rejection that so often happens in such medical efforts between humans. Yet many people only have visions of Monsters from bad horror films. Ideas that their imagination suggest could form from such mergers.

Gabriel Born offers a different view and a deeply engaging story of a women considered disabled and different, who is also handed an incurable disease and fighting for a way to survive. She take an incredible and terrifying leap of need, to find something she never imagined could be true. A story of true love and transformation. One of the best I have read in a very long time.

Nancy McCormick
September 4, 2018