Blackmore, Jade

Interview By: Rogue Storm

RS: Today we're interviewing erotica author, Jade Blackmore. Jade is the author of the recently released A DEVIL IN THE CITY OF ANGELS from eXtasy Books. Welcome to Romantic Interludes Jade! How are you?

Jade: Doing pretty well. Just finished talking to my friend Cathy in New York. Thank God for free long distance on weekends.

RS: We're glad you could be here today! Let's start off by talking about your book A DEVIL IN THE CITY OF ANGELS. Briefly, what is it about?

Jade: DEVIL is about a "Sweet" BDSM love affair between Vanessa, a girl who's coy in public and wild in the bedroom, and her "slave" Michael, who's quite the opposite.

RS: Sounds like it's naughty, but interesting! What genre within the erotica realm would you classify A DEVIL IN THE CITY OF ANGELS? Is there any humor in it?

Jade: There's some humor, especially in the dialogue. I don't believe erotica should be deadly serious. Sex is fun, why should writing about it be any different?

RS: Good point! Do you have any new books scheduled for release? If so, what are they about?

Jade: I'm working on two books for eXtasy Books. The first one, a full:length contemporary erotic romance set in London, is called "The Cougar's Luck." Janine Weber, an American, is hired as team photographer for raucous soccer team Edgely United after their last lens man quits in disgust. The moment she meets the team's star player Reggie Taylor, the action off the field eclipses the action on it. Add the mysterious old geezer in a beat:up limo who follows the team around and Reggie's colorful teammates to the mix, and Janine is caught up in a world eons away from her staid Minnesota upbringing. The other project I'm working on for eXtasy is "The Spires Of Wariz:The Hermit" a 12,000:word story inspired by the Hermit Tarot. Chazron is a scientist and architect in self:exile on an abandoned compound in the Warizian desert. Choosing to live alone rather than be forced to contribute to the destruction of the city he helped engineer, he resigns himself to a quiet, celibate life until he rescues Zoe, a rebellious half:Warizian, half:human servant from certain death on the outskirts of the compound.

RS: I'll be sure to read both of them. "The Spires of Wariz:The Hermit" sounds especially good to me. You also write poetry; what is your poetry about?

Jade: "Close But No Pizza" is the e:book version of a poetry book that was first published when I was in college. Although some of the poetry is sexual in nature, the poems have more in common with Charles Bukowski than erotica. It is available from Little Poem Press. The website is Little Poem Press

RS: How long have you been writing and why did you decide on the erotica genre?

Jade: I've been writing since I was a kid. My first poem was published in a zine called "Creative Review" when I was 15. I started writing erotica in college after reading "Little Birds" by Anais Nin. I was 23 when my first erotic story was published in Playgirl.

RS: I read Nin's "Delta of Venus" and "Little Birds." Does your work schedule allow time for you to read for pleasure? If so, what types of books do you enjoy reading?

Jade: Yes. I have eclectic tastes in fiction, and recently read "Fiona Range" by Mary McGarry Morris, who also wrote "A Dangerous Woman," which was made into a movie starring Debra Winger, a collection of short sci:fi stories from the 1950s by C.M. Kornbluth and "Anthem" by Ayn Rand.

RS: You really do have eclectic tastes in reading. I read that you also do interviews and reviews for some rock music stations. How did you get into doing those?

Jade: I walked into the college newspaper office my first semester in school and asked "Does anybody need a rock critic?" A few days later I reviewed my first show::Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band. I've been interviewing and reviewing bands ever since.

RS: That's great! So I'm thinking you must like music a lot! What kind of music do you like?

Jade: All kinds. I like punk rock from the late '70s and early 1980s, especially X, the Sex Pistols, the Buzzcocks, the Clash, the Ramones, etc. And anything from the '80s:hair bands, one hit wonders, Duran Duran. Nothing beats old soul/R & B though, from artists like Clarence Carter, Ray Charles, and Aretha.

RS: I'm a child of the '70s and '80s myself! Since you enjoy music, do you find yourself listening to music while you write or do you prefer a peaceful environment?

Jade: I like to listen to music for inspiration when I work on a first draft or outline. By the time I get to the final drafts, I really have to concentrate so the music becomes a distraction!

RS: I think I would find it distracting too! What types of entertainment do you like besides music?

Jade: I like indie films, usually really obscure ones that are screened at film festivals, documentaries, and older movies like "Gone With The Wind" and anything starring Marilyn Monroe. I also like going to art galleries and museums.

RS: You're a very well rounded individual! Let's do something fun! I'm going to ask you if you're personally involved with someone at this time. If you are, I'd like you to describe a perfect date with that special someone and if you're not, I'd like you to describe the male qualities you'd be looking for in your special somebody!

Jade: I have a boyfriend and a perfect date would probably be going to a concert or just hanging out watching some funny movie like "Spinal Tap" or "Monty Python And The Holy Grail."

RS: Humor is good! Whose you're favorite male actor? Sometimes, your favorite male actor is not the same person you would choose to be stranded on a desert island with. If you were stranded on a desert island, which male star would you choose and why?

Jade: Favorite male actor? Probably Brad Pitt. I could be stranded on the island with Johnny Depp though.

RS: I'd pick Johnny Depp over Brad Pitt too! Our time has come to a close! Is there anything you would like to add?

Jade: Well, I'd like to thank my readers and all the folks who've entered my giveaways. There'll be more contests T/K in mid:July

RS: Jade we'd like to thank you for spending time with us here at Romantic Interludes! We've enjoyed learning more about you and your work.

Jade: Thanks for giving me this opportunity to discuss my work!