In the Beginning..

Submitted by Nage on Sun, 2005-05-15 08:11.
...there was Novelspot. Floating in a void called the Internet; turning slowly in the dark crawlspaces of the mind. And Allie looked upon Novelspot and said, "This needs work, for surely, this site does suck." And so Allie summoned an angel to help her. Erika looked upon the face of Novelspot and said unto Allie, "Needs work. You take the right half and I'll take the left half (after I take a couple of painkillers; my ankle is killing me). And this they did and it was good.

And there was much joy. Then, in the depths of the jungle, they found a young woman named Karen untangling vines. They saw what she did and it was good, so they hired her and called her that holiest of all names...the editor. And they saw it was good.