End Time

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Daniel Greene
Rune Publishing LLC


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End Time by Daniel Greene is a zombie packed horror story full of death, violence, duty and love. I am a fan of horror and action so when I read the summary for End Time I was excited to dive into the story.

It starts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Dr. Joseph Jackowksi is studying a disease outbreak in the area. But when the infected in the hospital tent start to eat the staff, they flee to the US Embassy for protection. The outbreak erupts into a violent war between the living and undead, and nowhere is safe.

A team of counter terrorist agents is dispatched to the country to bring the Embassy staff back home. But the agents must fight through hordes of walking dead to complete their mission.

End Time is a fun and fast-paced read. It follows the main characters and several supporting ones through their struggles against the death that threatens them at every turn. The tension is high, the deaths are violent and gruesome and I could not put the book down.

Personally, I feel it could use an additional edit. I find some sentences challenging to read due to the overuse of names and the flow of words. Despite that, I enjoyed the book and I’m looking forward to the next one.