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Polls by Novelspot Authors



Creativity is a natural inborn trait. It doesn't leave me, I leave it. I have a strong inner critic that blocks the creativity; knowing this helps, and I'm learning to let go of all criticism and just enjoy creating whatever I choose at the moment. Glad to find a bit of inspiration here for doing this. Curtiss Ann Matlock
I just popped in for inspiration. Been in a funk lately and can't seem to get the juices flowing again. I envy Erin but I have learned to never say never! Tory Richards
Sex between the covers blog
I eat right. Exercise. Enjoy my hubbie. (Search for a new doggie to love.) Close my computer and my office doors at 5-6 every night and DO NOT return until the next morning. Read ANYTHING that interests me. Keep a balance and let the ideas the shower, in the car, on a day out with my gal pals! Cerise DeLand
Cerise DeLand's blogspot
I don't feel normal without creating. After a couple days without creating, I feel off balance. Marsha A Moore
Marsha's Blog
I'm involved in so many different projects that I can't help working just about all the time. If I'm not writing for one magazine or another, I'm writing on one of the few projects I've got going (Dusty's 6th adventure or Red's 4th novel). Michelle Gent
For me, the main incentive is the end result. But yes, some days are harder than others. On some, the story flows fluidly while on others it needs some coaxing. Either way, Cecilia and I push each other forward to reach our common goal. That's the beauty of a partnership. Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey
Caduobooks. com
I switch projects. When one isn't speaking to me, sometimes another will. Beth Daniels
It doesn't leave me alone A Jacob Sweeny
I stay creative by drawing from my surroundings, so I try 2 keep myself open and intuned 2 the world around me, sonrisa.... And going 2 a really quiet place like the library or the Barnes and Noble's and find a corner and let it just pour out of me De Ann Townes Jr.
It just comes and goes in accordance with a pattern I haven't figured out yet. Mike Arsuaga
Impossible. creativity is a wave. coffee and daydreaming helps it be kept abov the midline JävièrÆjãx Baba Ajmal
All I have to do is sleep. My dreams are active enough to keep me creative. Robyn Porter
I write in different genres, so if I lose my way in the current novel, I write a short story or article. And coffee at my favourite cafe helps! Rosemary Gemmell
I tell people, its a gift, but the truth is, its a muscle that needs to be used. If I don't use it, it becomes painful to my whole being from disuse. Nancy Mccormick-Kovacich
Meditation, reading and keeping an open mind. Ingrid Mast Foster
For me, unique names, places, even simple objects trigger endless writing ideas. Jennifer Schmidlin AKA
Jennifer LaRose
Okay. Espresso.
Robb Grindstaff
An excellent question. I'm constantly and often randomly blending ideas. For example what would be the consequences of a vampire being able to hear colors? Or what would it take for werewolves to live among us. Is there an answer to the age old question of why a loving God lets bad things happen to good people. Mike Arsuaga
It just happens! I have more ideas than time to pursue them. I've never had writers' block. Erin O'Riordan
I try to have a few things going at once, so when I get stuck on one, I have another I can work on until I am unstuck. Marissa Turner
I channel my creativity into something else until I can write again. In my case, I make jewelry. JJ. Massa

Question: How do you continue to be creative on a consistent basis