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If you're anything like us (and what are the odds of that?) you love to read. We spent a long time scouring the web for sites like this, and couldn't find any, so we had to make it ourselves. Keep in mind, we're essentially lazy, and if such a site already existed, we'd still be in bed with our favorite books. We're always open to a good, opinionated author who loves to review books, so if you want to review for us, send your sample review, CV and query to let us know. Welcome to Novelspot, the book-lovers paradise.
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My Free Book Selection Method

How I Select a Free eBook

Free eBooks are my secret indulgence. Denise Bush publishes a list of freebies every day on Pinterest. ( Today's link: http://www.pinterest.com/denisek319/) I peruse her list with the same jaundiced eye that many women used for dating profiles.
I examine the title and the cover. Often after going to the website, I decide not to get the book.

Maybe I didn’t like the blurb. A few of the reviews got me questioning my decision, especially when quotes from the book were included.
Sometimes, book length might decide me against a free book. Unlike most free book whiners, I don’t mind a short book or a short story.

You Will Always Need Someone Else

As my publications have increased over the years, I’ve thankfully processed a number of things I’d like to share with you.

Reasons to Stop Reading

I will say my husband is a better person than I am because he finishes every book he starts. I don’t. I read for pleasure, knowledge and reviews. I finished my 5011th romance novel. As for other genres, I probably read about 1700 or more, not counting what I had to read for school. Even with all those numbers, I often run across a book I refuse to finish. Here’s a list of what stops me, an avid reader from reading one page more.

1. Mechanics can cripple a tale - I am not an editor. I need an editor to edit my work. Still, when I see glaring errors even I can pick out, it makes for difficult reading.

The Little Engine That Could

Chris and I are like the little blue train from the children’s story The Little Engine that Could. Appropriately so considering Chris’s hair is the same color as the train (picture me grinning and Chris giving me the eye).

In the story, Little Engine has to make a toy delivery in the real world. As she leaves Dreamland behind, she also has to set aside her fears and in doing so, realizes that anything is possible if you are determined and have the courage to take that step.

On The Spot: Labors sweat and writer’s rejects

On the Spot is written by Nancy Louise McCormick-Kovacich

Weather being such a fickle girl these days, is not consistent all over the world. There is however something that seems to be, that is the writers sending off their summer sweat, imagination, and hard work to publishers, editors, and other dream masters to judge, or to the bottom drawer for dust.

My Book Is Just Out

Want to tell the world your book is just out? Tell Just Out all about it.

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Facebook Paid Advertising Tips and Tricks

For those wondering about advertising options on Facebook Pages, we have an update about our own experience with promoted posts and paid advertising on Facebook.
First of all, let’s make clear that our purpose and intention with paid advertising at this stage in our careers is not to drive direct sales but to create visibility, discoverability, and strengthen our brand. The sales part will come later as a result of those and, of course, having more good content to offer our audience.

The Love Shack

Just Once in a Verra Blue Moon

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