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      This morning, I made cayenne spray for my bird seed. If anyone reading has ever tried to feed birds yet ends up feeding squirrels more than flying creatures will understand why I have done this. We have seen cardinals, titmice, chickadees, purple finches, house finches, and goldfinches at my hanging bird feeder. The birds are slowly coming back from their trip down south, and they are finding the seed.

      The problem is a squirrel has also found it.

      Do you like sexy GLBT shifter romances? My new novel Full Moon Fever is now available for pre-order at Amazon and at eXtasy Books. Two men who happen to be werewolves are looking for love and excitement. They find more than they bargained for when the moon is full and passions run high, with lust taking center stage.


      Full Moon Fever by Elizabeth Black - Amazon Kindle

      Now that the entire world is on lockdown due to COVID-19, you need books to read. My favorite romance genre is paranormal, and I thought I'd suggest some very good books to help you avoid cabin fever. What are your favorite paranormal creatures? I like shifters, especially werewolves. I also like hauntings and ghosts. There are many different types of paranormals to choose from – vampires, werewolves, ghosts, zombies, psychics, mermaids and mermen, aliens, faeries, demons, angels, and witches.

      I write in two genres that get a lot of grief – romance and horror. Romance readers are far too often stereotyped as fat, lonely women out for a thrill between the pages with sexy heroes to make up for the lack of excitement and love in their lives. Horror readers are far too often seen as weird loners or losers who have psychological problems. Sadly, sometimes the people and businesses who are in a position to uplift these readers ridicule and bash them.

      I've recently recovered from a nasty bout of intestinal flu. It wasn't fun. Nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, fatigue, and diarrhea. This bug lasted about a week. I was on the BRAT diet – bland food like bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. I managed to force down some egg drop soup and pork fried rice. Chicken stayed down. I know I was very sick since I didn't crave any sugar or caffeine. In fact, I have had very little junk food in six days. No coffee. I don't drink caffeinated sodas.

      This year is Leap Year, which means for the first time in four years we have February 29. What am I going to do with this extra day?

      I'll tell you what I won't do – clean house. Not on a fun day like February 29.

      Here's what I plan to do on Saturday, February 29:

      In Pieces book cover
      Field, Sally
      Grand Central Publishing


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      Sally Field is an icon, but for me she's my third big sister, albeit trapped behind the monitor, forever caught in high school as Gidget, bless her heart. I think when my ex married me, he hoped he was getting a version of Sally Field (though even she towers over me.) When I found her autobiography In Pieces, deciding to read it was a no brainer. I tore through it in one night, and have been feeling devastated ever since.

      Sometimes you read memoirs, and they are satisfying. They answer questions, make you feel all warm and fuzzy, confirm things you knew, and then you can close the book and move on. Sally Field's autobiography In Pieces, is not one of those. From the first pages, when she introduces her grandmother and her mother, the sense of truth and intimacy is beyond intimate. The entire book is brutally honest. I can not even imagine the courage it takes to dig that deep, much less to dig and reveal it. It's as if she's taken a bleeding biopsy of her life and stretched it out naked to the world on a cardboard to flash in our smug faces in her best Norma/Sally fashion. In this book, here she is: the Sally we saw grow before us from Gidget to The Flying Nun to The Girl with Something Extra; and then the big moment for all of those who were watching: her gut-wrenching performance as Sibyl.

      It is no surprise that the human being who stripped her emotions bare to be Sybil for us would do anything less than bleed on the pages of her autobiography.

      Read this book.
      Read this book if you are fan of Sally Field.
      Read this if you are a fan of biographies, a feminist, a survivor of child abuse, an actor, a human being refusing to let someone else define your limits, or if you're just somebody in need of inspiration to climb your mountain.